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Dr. Rodney Aziz Reviews What Happens after You Graduate from Medical School

Posted on February 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Are you graduating medical school and live in Melbourne or another part of Australia? Dr. Rodney Aziz understands all of the time and work you have put in already. Dr. Rodney Aziz works in General Practice in Melbourne, Australia. He bought his own GP practice after years of working in Emergency Medicine, and then in General Practice as well. Dr. Rodney Aziz is one of the most highly respected doctors in all of Melbourne, and he is highly sought after by individual patients and their families.  Dr. Rodney Aziz reviews new ways he can impact his local community positively all of the time.

Dr. Rodney Aziz, of course, had to get his required education and credits before he was able to practice medicine. Dr. Aziz attended and graduated the University of Melbourne, which he would say is one of the best schools in all of Australia. He received his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and MBSS there, and he graduated from the university in 1995.

Dr. Rodney Aziz says that the road to becoming a doctor after medical school can be daunting. There is no one clear path, and everyone who practices medicine has a different experience to get there.  What is agreed upon is that anyone who wants to practice medicine in Australia must enter the workforce as an intern. Someone who completes their medical degree will receive provisional registration. The goal as an intern is to be exposed to as many situations and careers as possible, so they can make an informed decision about what they want to do after they complete the program.

An internship takes about a year and will involve time in an emergency medical care setting, general medicine setting, surgery, and various other settings. After someone completes their internship, they receive their general medical registration and can then embark on the next stage of their professional development and specialty.